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CS101: Introduction to Computing for Science and Engineering

What Where
Time/place MWF 2:00pm-3:15pm in 0216 Siebel Center Catalog
Class URL
Online help Piazza ยป


Assignment Due date
Homework 1 Friday, June 17th
Homework 2 Wednesday, June 22nd
Homework 3 Friday, June 24th
Homework 4 Wednesday, June 29th
Homework 5 Friday, July 1st
Homework 6 Wednesday, July 13th
Homework 7 Monday, July 18th
Homework 8 Friday, July 22nd
Homework 9 Wednesday, July 27th
Homework 10 Friday, July 29th
Homework 11 Monday, August 1st
Homework 12 Wednesday, August 3rd


Labs are located in room L416 Digital Computing Laboratory (DCL). You must attend the lab section you are registered for.

Lab Sections

Section Meeting time Teaching assistant
AY1 T&R 1pm - 1:50pm Pallavi
AY2 T&R 2pm - 2:50pm Pallavi


Lecture Date
Week 1 June 13th
Week 2 June 20th
Week 3 June 27th
Week 4 July 4th
Week 5 July 11th
Week 6 July 18th
Weeks 7 and 8 July 25th

Lecture Data and Scripts


Exam Date Practice Exam
Midterm 1 July 6th midterm1.pdf solutions
Midterm 2 July 22nd midterm2.pdf solutions
Final Exam August 6th final.pdf (Sorry, NO SOLUTIONS for this practice exam)

Course Policies

Late Registration

Regardless of registration date, we will make no exceptions or extensions for homework or attendance. All material for this course is available online and open to all students regardless of registration status. If you are considering registering late, keep up with the homework and attend lectures.


The official grade book for the course will be maintained on Compass.

Activity Percent of final grade
Homework 20%
Labs 25%
Lecture attendance (iclicker) 10%
Midterms (2) 20%
Final exam 25%

Grade cutoffs

Below are tentative grade cutoffs. If we deviate from these cutoffs, the cutoff will be lower. In other words, we will only change them in your favor.

Range Letter grade
92-100% A
90-92% A-
88-90% B+
82-88% B
80-82% B-
78-80% C+
72-78% C
70-72% C-
60-70% D
0-60% F

Office Hours

Piazza is the best place to go to get help and communicate with course staff. If you want help in person, we have scheduled lab time that will be staffed by teaching assistants.

Day Time Location Staff
Monday 3:15pm-4:15pm Siebel Center 2211 Ryan
Wednesday 3:15pm-4:15pm Siebel Center 2211 Ryan


There is no physical textbook to buy for this course. Below, you will find references that will help you. Some are online textbooks. Others are interactive tutorials. They are listed here in order of quality. If you feel confused or lost, start with Code Academy.