Literature Survey

Each student that wishes to earn 4 hours credit will be required to submit a literature survey. The literature survey may focus on theoretical results and/or applications. The only constraint on the project is that it should include some aspect of a topic broadly within machine learning.

Preliminary Report

The preliminary report will be submitted on relate in lecture scribe format. It should be between a half page and one page of content describing what you plan to study and why you think it is interesting. You should also cite at least three of the sources you plan to investigate. We will provide you with some feedback on your topic, including on the scope and scale of your plan. Due date: 10/19.

Final Report

The final report will be submitted on relate in NIPS format link. It should be between 4 pages and 8 pages, plus unlimited pages of references.

Due date: 12/19

Writing a Literature Survey

The minimal requirement is a literature survey that summarizes important material on a topic. An excellent theory literature survey might include a different proof of a known result. An excellent practical literature survey might include new experimental comparisons between algorithms.

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