Grading Policies


Your grade is composed of the following components:

Percentage Component
40% (4x10%) Homework
40% (2x20%) Exams
20% Project
5% (up to) Participation

Additional Participation Credit (up to 5%)

This may be earned by participating in lecture & online discussions, scribing lectures (3-credit students only) and by reporting mistakes in the lecture notes or scribe notes.

General Rules


The homeworks will consist of a combination of machine problems and written exercises to be submitted on the course relate website.

Submitted solutions to the machine problems must be written in Python, using only standard libraries (numpy / scipy). We will sometimes block libraries as required.

Solutions to the written problems must be submitted as LaTeX typeset PDF’s. You may use WYSIWYG latex editors such as LyX if you are unfamiliar with LaTeX. Otherwise, we encourage you to use the homework template for LaTeX. Each problem requires a separate pdf submission.

For each problem, a separate pdf submission with names of all the collaborators of this problem is required. You are responsible to make sure the submitted file matches the correct problem in RELATE. Please use RELATE's preview function to check before your submission, incorrectly submitted file will result in 0 grade, no exception.

For HW1 only, if you submitted all individual questions on time but didn't click the final green submission button, please come to any TA's office hour and we will track your records and manually handle this issue. The penalty is to consume addtional 72 late hours or make your remaining late hour to 0, whatever comes applicable.

The due dates are shown on the start page of each homework set and in the class calendar ( To be updated soon! ).

Late policy

You have 96 hours of "credit" that you can use any way you want. You don't need to come to us and ask to submit the homework late. Just submit it when you are ready; we will accumulate your late time and allow up to 96 hours for the whole semester.

Late submission will not be accepted once homework solutions are released online. Typically, we will wait for up to 96 hours after due date before we release the solutions. However, when there is an exam coming up, we may want to release solutions earlier. This means that you may not be able to use all 96 hours of credit on assignments that are due near exams. When we release these assignments, we will inform you if late submission is not accepted or will only be accepted for up to a limited time.

**IMPORTANT:** You must track your own late hours. We will provide a cumulative account periodically and at the end of the semester.

Do let us know if there are extreme situations where this lenient policy isn't satisfactory.


You get exactly one submission per homework set. In particular, this means that:

Academic integrity

Feel free to discuss the assignment with each other in general terms, and to search the Web for general guidance (not for complete solutions). All solutions should be written up individually. If you make substantial use of some information from outside sources, be sure to acknowledge the sources in your solution. In particular, please acknowledge all other students you worked with on the homework/projects.

We will follow the departmental honor code policy.

If we notice that your work has considerable overlap with someone else's (and we *do* check), the both of you should be ready to have an unpleasant conversation and face penalites as provided by campus rules regarding academic honesty.


There will be two midterms this semester. The exams will be given during class time. There will not be a final.

Conflict exams

Since exams are taken in class conflict exams will generally not be provided.


Please let Sanmi » know as soon as you can if you need special accommodations (extra time etc.) on exams. Thanks!


4-Credit students will need to scribe for a lecture and complete a literature review.

The credit will be awarded as Pass/Fail. You will be given an Incomplete grade for the course if the scribe notes and the literature review are unsatisfactory.

Official results of whether the 4th credit is awarded will be released at the end of the semester.

Student responsibilities

Please read and understand the UIUC student code (link opens PDF).

In particular, make sure to read and understand Paragraph §1‑402. The rules there along with the rules in this tutorial form the foundation for making sure you and everyone else in the class receive a fair, transparent grade.