Grading Policies

Grade guidelines

Your grade is composed of the following components:

Percentage Component
3% In-class questions
7% Online quizzes
25% Homework
20% Midterm 1
20% Midterm 2
25% Final

Grading Scale

All your grade components will be added up with the percentage weights indicated and result in a single number. This number will determine your letter grade, according to the following scales:

Grade Point Range
A+ [97, 100)
A [93, 97)
A- [90, 93)
B+ [87, 90)
B [83, 87)
B- [80, 83)
C+ [77, 80)
C [73, 77)
C- [70, 73)
D+ [67, 70)
D [63, 67)
D- [60, 63)

Grade Acceptance and Complaint Period

After grades are released for any homework set, quiz, or exam, you have two weeks in order to clarify any misgivings you may have about the grade you received. Once two three weeks have passed, the assigned grade is considered accepted and no further complaints will be considered.


CS 450 is popular and quite full!

Being "enrolled" in the course on the relate system has no administrative significance to the university. What matters is enrollment as shown in the UIUC self-service application.

Online Quizzes

There will be a short quiz due before each class. All quizzes contribute a small amount to your grade. The intent of these quizzes is to remind you of the material covered in the prior lecture and to help you practice applying it. Each quiz is intended to be short.

These rules apply to the quizzes, unless otherwise stated:


There will be generally weekly longer-form homework sets over the course of the semester. One of these sets will be due every Friday, as shown in the class calendar. Homework sets due in exam weeks will be lighter than in other weeks.

Late homework

Homework submitted after the deadline will count for half of its original worth. This offer is good for up to one week after the original deadline. After that, no late work will be accepted.

Homework will typically come out at the end of a week and be due the following Friday, as indicated in the class calendar. Each homework set will typically consist of a combination of coding and written responses.


You get exactly one submission per homework set. In particular, this means that:

Collaboration on Homework

Midterms and Final Exam

There will be two midterm exams during the semester, along with a longer final exam. The midterms and the final exam will take place in a computer-based testing facility ("CBTF"). The midterms will be offered over a period of a few days. You must schedule an 1h50m (final exam likely to be longer) block within that time span in which to take the examlet. You must schedule your examlet using a self-service web site provided by the facility. Instructions will be given in the class calendar.

All midterms and the final are cumulative.

Taking exams

CBTF Policies

Conflict exams

Since we allow you to take the exam at the exam center over a period of a few days, conflict exams will generally not be provided.

Student responsibilities

Please read and understand the UIUC student code (link opens PDF).

4th Credit Option

If you are enrolled in CS 450 for 4 credit hours, you will need to complete additional questions for several of the homework assignments. Registration for the section has been opened for undergraduates as well. The extra problems will be calculated as part of your total homework score.