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CS 101 Proficiency Exam

This page is for the CS 101 Proficiency Exam. If you are taking the course, please go to the Course Web Site instead.

CS 101 is a required course for the curriculum of many majors. If you have already mastered the material presented in CS 101 and would like to fulfill the requirement, there is a proficiency test available.

The current curriculum of CS 101 is based on spreadsheets, Python coding, and MATLAB coding. You can find an outline of the current course here. The exam itself will be composed of questions about basic spreadsheet usage, Python, and MATLAB.

You cannot take the proficiency exam for a course if you have already received a grade in that course (including failing grades).

  1. Let us know that you intend to take the course via the form linked at the main CS proficiency exam page.

  2. On this web site (the current one you are on now), sign in to proctoring and the exam using your NetID and then Enroll in this page.

  3. At the day and time of the exam, follow the instructions we will send to complete the computerized test including multiple-choice questions, code composition questions, and short-answer questions.

    You will be able to use Python and MATLAB during the exam. These must be installed on your own computer, and we can offer no technical support. We recommend Anaconda Python 3 for Python. You may use Mathworks MATLAB or the open-source alternative GNU Octave to complete the exam.

You will receive credit if you perform with a grade of 75% or above. There is no effect on your academic record if you do not receive credit.


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