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CS 101—Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Scientists

CS 101 is a required course for the curriculum of many majors. If you have already mastered the material presented in CS 101 and would like to fulfill the requirement, there is a proficiency test available.

The current curriculum of CS 101 is based on spreadsheets, Python coding, and MATLAB coding. You can find an outline of the current course here. The exam itself will be composed of questions about basic spreadsheet usage, Python, and MATLAB.

You cannot take the proficiency exam for a course if you have already received a grade in that course (including failing grades).

Proficiency exams are offered only at the beginning of every semester and are not available during the final exam. Dates are posted by the CS academic office here. Sign-up information is also posted at that site.

The proficiency exam will follow the same format as the course exams.

  1. You will sign up with the Computer-Based Testing Facility to take an exam on their premises.

    1. Click to Add a class (provisionally) on your scheduler page.

    2. Add Proficiency Exams and then CS 101.

  2. On this web site, sign in using your NetID and then Enroll in this page. This is required ahead of time due to network restrictions in CBTF.

  3. On the day of the exam, go to CBTF, where you will complete a computerized test including multiple-choice questions, code composition questions, and short-answer questions.

You will receive credit if you perform with a grade of 75% or above. There is no effect on your academic record if you do not receive credit.

Due to the way that the Computer-Based Testing Facility secures Internet access, you must register with CS ahead of time if you wish to take the final. We cannot accommodate walk-in proficiency takers.


Textbook & Materials

Computer-Based Testing Facility

This course uses the College of Engineering Computer-Based Testing Facility (CBTF) for its quizzes and exams:

The policies of the CBTF are the policies of this course, and academic integrity infractions related to the CBTF are infractions in this course.

If you have accommodations identified by the Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services (DRES) for exams, please take your Letter of Accomodation (LOA) to the CBTF proctors in person before you make your first exam reservation. The proctors will advise you as to whether the CBTF provides your accommodations or whether you will need to make other arrangements with your instructor.

Any problem with testing in the CBTF must be reported to CBTF staff at the time the problem occurs. If you do not inform a proctor of a problem during the test then you forfeit all rights to redress.