Class Projects

Bhavesh Shrimali: Solving Elliptic (and Hyperbolic) Equations in Nonlinear Viscoelasticity

Yong Escobar: Shape Optimization with PDE constraints and Boundary Element Methods by Example

Alexandru Fikl: A Complete O(N) Elliptic PDE Solver

Hao Gao: A distributed implementation of the Fast Multipole Method

Christian Howard: QBX and the DPIE for the Maxwell Equations

Edward Hutter: Householder QR factorization with column-pivoting variants and state-of-the-art randomized QR

Isuru Fernando: A Fast Stokes Solver

Josh Bevan: In Pursuit of a Fast High-order Poisson Solver: Volume Potential Evaluation

John Doherty: Going Fast: Vectorized Special Function Approximations

Konik Kothari: Direct solution technique for frequency domain scattering problem with variable media

Li Lu: A direct solver for Laplace equation using spectral element discretization

Darin Peetz: Coupling boundary element methods with shape optimization

Raul Platero: Fast Randomized Iteration: Diffusion Monte Carlo through the Lens of Numerical Linear Algebra

Alfredo Sanchez Rivadeneira: RCIP Method for a 2D Edge Crack Problem

Tejaswin Parthasarathy: A fast solver for the Stokes PDE

Yuchen Su: A-posteriori error estimation for Nystrom method